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Transparency and mortality are often associated with liquidity and air. Being Both politically alert and socially engaged, Michael Taylor has devised a Cultural Crisis Cabinet for the Critically Misinformed (CCCCM0, consisting of a doctor’s medical cabinet containing tall translucent jars holding liquid (antifreeze, breaker fluid, car wax, household cleaner, paraffin, Windex, and other chemicals) and solid matter (plastic hands or plastic plants) and labeled for example, “reality,” “religion and Spirituality,” Determination of Free Will,” Existence,” and Of Being,” thereby proposing cures for healing matters of Ideology. Here navigates between horror, the abject, humor, and science. (Traversing Parallels, Museum of Glass, Tacoma) . Michael Amy, Professor, critic, curator, and art historian, New York Times, NY, Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Art and Design

- Michael Amy