About my work , Michael Estes Taylor

Social Meaning: My task as a relevant artist of today has been to communicate my observations and reflect my perspectives of this, our period in history. Like a futurist of today, I am also about predicting future of humanity.  My abstract work is like that of modernist movements, Constructivism and Futurism. These modernist movements were a result of socialist revolutions of the 1900’s. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin philosophic concepts work in a theoretical utopian society and they were reflected in art and architecture.

Constructivism spoke of ideals of society in Russia and hopes that were never realized. My work speaks of a future of society as well. A most recent phase of the scientific revolution began with the invention of the personal computer in 1974. Science and technology has been moving at an expediential rate since then. Consider the cell phone.

Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence already exists with algorithms measuring reactions and trending in our culture. My work has addressed this new phase of the scientific revolution through the recognitions of DNA and binary language. The appearance of the off /on … one/zero patterns and colored wiring of electrical identification and the dimensional depth. My references are discussed by the Israeli futurist, Yuval Noah Harari, in 21 lessons for 21st Century and that of Physics of the Impossible by the Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist at New York University, NYC.

The race is on in all technological advanced countries for the discovery of human consciousness for AI. I predict It will be the last frontier of human intellect. I have constructed a laminated slab of color blocks which represents the codes for the human consciousness. I see it as a kind of Rosetta Stone of translation from one language to another - binary to English.  The RS interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphics to Greek language allowed us to make the intellectual and cultural jump.

Rosetta Stone = Codes: I see Codes as containing the information for making the final leap from human consciousness to that of machines. This will be a discovery of epic proportions.  This would be the beginning of a new world of solutions to puzzles such as eternal life, interplanetary travel, and the discovery of philosophic truth for each individual human. 

The titles of many of my works are seen as working components of the Large Hedron Collider or  a   yet to be built mammoth machine. LHC is a 17-mile diameter particle collider near Zurich. As I write this, the LHC is actually investigating concepts that were until relatively recently considered Scientific Fiction. Topics such as black holes, parallel universes, antimatter are part of the research at LHC.

Why Glass: My work is built on itself. It exists in a form that is singular. It is built on an aesthetic and skills of previous work. It has taken on it’s own reality - identity. Conceptually it is about the future relationship of science and humanity. These ideas are expressed by creating spatial landscaped, binary/DNA repetitions, color dynamics by overlaying primary mixtures through both metaphorically political and physical transparencies